Photo Scan Pricing!

Special Offers Starting at $35

Scan a handful of photos or a box full, all specially priced for your convenience. If you're uncertain of your photo count, save time counting with our "By the Inch" or "By the Box" rates.

Pricing is all inclusive, based on loose photos that are fed thru a high speed, automatic scanner. Editing and touch-ups not included. Photos scanned at 300 DPI, higher resolution available for additional charge. Please contact us for larger volume pricing.

Ask about our "While You Wait Wednesday" offer.

Measuring for "By the Inch" Pricing

It's quick and easy! Place your photos in a tall stack and stand a ruler next it. Identify the inch closest to the top of the photo stack and that will be your "By the Inch" measurement. Minimum of 1 inch. Photo stacks above 1 inch will be rounded to the nearest half inch.

Measuring for "By the Box" Pricing

The easiest way to scan a large quantity of photos! Place your photos in a shoebox and bring them to Scans On Site. A standard shoebox is 11 inches. Save money and increase the number of photos that will fit in a box by arranging them in a straight line. A few minutes of organizing your photos to better fit in the box can save you a bundle.

* Minimum Order $25.